Monday, September 21, 2009

Ah doh want to come

I didn't want to come here you know........the US was a strange place; Trinbago was all I'd ever known. What would I do without doubles? without black pudding? without Maracas Waterfall or coconut water on the Promenade?

I had it good. I was 19, 2 jobs, no bills and living with my grandmother (incidentally, living in Laventille minutes from work was more preferable to living the nice life in Maracas but having to contend with the madness that was CITY GATE.....ugh)

Damn you SAT score. You don't often hear that unless the score was bad. In my case, the stupid SAT score led to a stupid scholarship and my eventual departure from the motherland.

"Yuh coming back right?"
"Yeah......gimme 4 years and ah coming right back tuh trini"

"Doh come back with no yankee ting eh!"
"Well you know wha dey say"
"I have no idea.....seemed appropriate at the time"

Seven years and a son later.......guess what?

ATL SHAWTY..............sigh.

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