Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fantastic Friday cometh

Well here we are folks, it's the week before Carnival and sadly, for the 8th year in a row, I cannot attend. But that's not to say I'm not going to have a damn good time this weekend though. Thanks to the the world wide web, we are now able to experience all the bachannal vicariously over the internet.

Here are just a couple sites that I know you can stream live fetes from:

I personally used the livestream link last Monday night to watch the Machel Monday fete which was damn good except for the bewildering foreign pop, R&B segment with Pitbull, Aaron Fresh and Mohambu (or whatever his name is). Personally, I tend to like a lot more SOCA in my carnival streams thank you very much.

Though I didn't particularly like his contribution at the Machel show, I must applaud Aaron Fresh for repping T&T as hard as he does on the international pop circuit. Maybe we've finally found our Rihanna.

moving right along..............


Yes, Soca Monarch is this Friday

Yes, it will probably be ram

Yes, Machel is performing

Yes, the stream is probably going to fuck up (during Machel's perfomance no doubt)

Machel's appearance at Soca Monarch after so many years is indeed historic but it's probably not a coincidence seeing that the prize this year is two million damn dollars. The cash prize, whilst historic in its own right, seems to have led to a virtual arms race among the big name soca stars young and old.

Think about it, didn't you find it odd to see All Rounder and Denise Plummer singing again? Denise Plummer song in particular I really like. The last time she had a hit, I was probably in Form 2 ('95/'96 for all you fass people). Don't sleep on All Rounder either though, his song is pretty catchy. And speaking of history in the making, I have heard that All Rounder is now officially the oldest calypsonian ever to make an appearance at Soca

Personally, I think the prize should be at least this much every single year because the quality of soca for 2011 is absolutely outstanding; I almost broke my office chair (don't ask) the first time I heard "Advantage." The quality of the music of course makes it all the more tragic that some of us just can't make it home. But no matter, I have a plan.


  1. Web capable tv and or blu ray player
  2. Broadband internet connection
  3. Surround Sound Stereo System
  4. Duck, curry, iron pot, etc
  5. Your poison of choice (babash, puncheon, Old Oak, Hennessey, etc)
  6. Tolerant neighbours
and voila........instant Soca Monarch fete; and you didn't even have to buy a plane ticket.

Personally I think I'll be streaming Dimanche Gras and Carnival Monday and Tuesday as well......*cough I think *cough I feel some sick days *cough cough coming on early *cough next week. *cough



  1. outstanding...good word, i havent used that to describe it, but it is...1 of the benefits of working from home - music could play as loud and long as i want and i could wine(sp?) as much as ah want on meh chair too!

  2. oh btw,...there is also a soca monarch website that u can order it from...i googled soca monarch 2011 live stream and found it yesterday