Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day - It's not so bad after all.

In light of the circumstances surrounding my recent breakup, one would almost expect that I'd be bitter today, that I'd post nasty and demeaning anti-love messages. But frankly, I'm not bitter at all, quite the contrary really. Though I do miss having that one solitary person to dote over, I'm reminded of the fact that I do in fact have all of you (you know yourselves).

Valentines Day will always remind me of the fact that when things seemed at their darkest, that my friends and closest family members stepped in to say "bredren, we have yuh back." Those of you struggling with the single life "doh study it", you're probably single for a reason. Behind all the smiles, the giggles, the chocolates and the obnoxious flowers, relationships in shambles, marriages in ruin.

Doh study it

Because you're free, you actually embody a state of mind that many (no not all) married persons wish they could. But you know what many people don't think about when it comes to single people and Valentines? It's the fact that we don't have any one person in particular to spoil, and that's a good thing, because now, you spoil EVERYBODY. There's so much more to today than "that special someone," especially when you realize you've been missing all the other "special someones" you absolutely couldn't live without otherwise.

So here is my challenge to you; if you're married, in a relationship, just bulling, etc......more power to you, love the one you're with and love them hard. But if you're single, don't begrudge those that have someone in their lives, pity them. Pity them because on a day like today, when it's all about love, that they cannot share that love with all those who deserve it. Single people, reach out to all those people who love you, and love them back hard and when today is over, keep on doing it. Buy flowers for whomever you want to now because it's okay, it's actually appropriate, she's not going to kill you or have an attitude because there's no she.

Appreciate the friends and family who love you because eventually, when that next relationship hits, you'll probably forget. Human nature I suppose.



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