Monday, February 6, 2012

What are you people?

There are unique group of people that share this planet with the rest of the human race; a group that despite varied sensibilities, exhibits a common mindset. A hive mind of sorts, though one that honours and respects its unique parts. A group that has evolved a unique set of attributes that sets them apart, like the ability to blend seamlessly, wholly and completely into other cultures, yet retain intact, the most minuscule details of their own. A group that seems immune to alcohol and can seemingly go days without sleep a few days each year.

Though rare by comparison, numbering a mere million, their presence can be felt all over the world. You see glimpses of it all the time, a flash of red in the corner of the eye, gone just as quickly. Sometimes they slip; accents slipping out mid-sentence, giving them away for a brief moment. These people have "a look" too, that despite being of different races, you can often tell by looking at them, the truth that lies more than just skin deep. It's almost like the Matrix, like the agents......they know who they are, they know each other, but you can't tell by looking at them, until they want you to know. 

Their fanaticism is infectious, their love of their own culture, inspiring, and despite varied religious backgrounds, all worship one thing........the lime. 

These people are known by one name: Trinis. A word that invokes so much more than just an island nation in the Caribbean; it is a state of mind, a common sensibility, a culinary experience, a cultural diaspora. I proudly count myself as one of these, and despite where I find myself from day to day, a TRINI I'll always be. (Oh shit, it rhyme O.o).

So how is it that I managed to find myself at a Superbowl lime of all things? Simple, as a TRINI, I like to lime.......period. I have no interest in American football whatsoever, but in nearly ten years here, I have never missed a Superbowl lime......never. After being here this long, I now understand the vagaries and complexities of the sport but do I give a fuck? No. 

I was there for the camaraderie, for the ole talk, the fun, the food, the alcohol..........I was there to lime.


  1. And if my gyul keep on making apple chow like that, I'll be there for that too. Good lord dat apple chow was bess.

  2. Yeah breds, my home gyul chop up some green apples with blackpepper, salt, and PLENTY PEPPER, to make an apple chow. Somehow the taste reminded me of a good mango chow though.

  3. They are myriad God praisers, rice eaters,Joy sharers.. It is their Joy to share Joie de vive, either through food, drink, smiles and good loving to the duly initiated..They are Tinis and their Joy is Joy

  4. I like that......their joy is joy. Trinis are are varied sort but down in the end, if it's one thing we all have in common is a shared joy. Just the pure pleasure of being joyful.

    You always hear talk like: "Dem trinis rhell happy oui" and it's so true.