Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Playing with Fire

We've already established that I have a propensity for doing stupid things (choices in women notwithstanding), but some things really take the cake. Sometimes even when I know better I end up taking risks anyway; I mean  honestly, what's the worst that could happen right?

So here's the set up. My apartment complex has no in house security. But why meddle with fly by night security agencies anyway when you could just hire the real thing. So they did just that and now we have GWINNETT FRICKING COUNTY PD patrolling day and night. 

This isn't new, the arrangement began back in February so it really isn't a surprise to see the bad boys in there on a daily basis. Truth be told, you only really see them parked up near the gates or near the leasing office. But bear it in mind that I'm aware of their constant presence as I tell the rest of the story. 

Now I exercise often, three to four times a week maybe but being the 220 pound hunk of manliness that I am, I sweat profusely.....but I don't take the time to shower before leaving the gym. I spread a towel on the driver seat to make my way home.Heck no, I will not be sitting my sweaty behind on cloth seats. You know what else I don't want to get dirty? My seatbelt..........I don't know bout you, but sweat on a seatbelt is disgusting and over time, my nice brown seatbelt will become a not so nice black seatbelt. What's the best way to avoid a sweaty, dirty seatbelt you ask? You don't wear it.......duh. 

So as I'm driving into the complex yesterday, not only is my seatbelt off, but I have the cell in hand texting with the right hand, a cup of ice tea in the left and I'm steering with me knees, a trick I picked up from my father's first born son. Who say I didn't roll right past Gwinnett County parked up right in front my building. O.O

Odd.......they're not usually back here. Shit.

Babylon watch me, I watch back, homeboy shook his head and went on about his business. I guess management doh pay him enough eh? For those of you who don't know, driving without a seatbelt, texting while driving and arguably driving with no hands on the wheel are all against the law in the State of Georgia. Babylon coulda throw the ticket book at me if he really wanted to but I suppose you'd have to be a special breed of asshole police to hand me three tickets right as I've made it home. 

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