Friday, April 27, 2012

Tink it Easy?!

My phone rings around 8:00 Wednesday night, one of my home girls calling.........

"whatchu doing tonight?"

A question like that in the middle of the week could mean one of two things, booty call or lime. For one, 8 is too early for booty generally speaking and two, this wasn't that type of home girl. So anyway, she whispers those few magic words that get my blood pumping:

"We have some chicken to cut up, Anto say she bubblin have alcohol."

For a millisecond, I did consider that I still had work in the morning......whatever. Got to the place and right when I'm thinking it's a little intimate family lime I'm going to, I see cars parked down the block. I get inside and is hard soca jamming, house packed, people wining down de place, three big iron pot on the stove and everybody TIGHT (mind you is only 10 o'clock). 

You have to bear in mind that this went from idea to lime in about two hours. Where all dese people come out from?.............on a Wednesday night mind you. Vodka shots were in constant rotation so over the next four hours, TIGHT became RHELL TIGHT, as in "wrm ahm, vuzum fih wuk" or something thereabouts but you get the picture.

Let's just say I wasn't planning on driving anywhere at that point, had to cap out on the couch. I still managed to roll off said couch four hours later, finally made it home around 7 a.m. and was back out the door at 8:15 fresh and ready for work. 

Trini people oui......allyuh not easy nah. 


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  1. Oh jeez, allyuh will have to please forgive me, we had a VI crew present. How could I forget Miss Brenda and family, always the life of the party.