Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Anonymity......or not so much

An interesting thing happened to me last Friday night.

Before I continue though, let me preface this by saying what many of you already know and have been trying to tell me for years............the internet is by no means a private place, and even if you think you're secure, you really have no idea who is looking at you.

Case in point........

Friday night I'm out with my home girl doing the usual (clubbing.....duh). Friday nights are always slow for West Indian clubs in downtown for some reason; but, we took the chance and headed to Mingles for the Sexi Bleu Jeanz party. As is my habit, I tweet or update Facebook even while clubbing; the party itself was slow and never really picked up so clearly I had extra time to tweet.

Up front was a very empty dance floor except for two girls dancing by themselves. From the nature of the dance moves, it was fairly clear that they probably weren't West Indian.........don't ask, you already know what I mean.

After watching them "dance" a while, I decided to tweet about it............

"Well at least those two girls "dancing" up front are entertaining." 

Would you believe they found the tweet and responded? I'm still flabergasted at this point. How did they.....who in the.....what the hell? I'd checked in at Mingles on Foursquare earlier in the night but that doesn't explain how a completely random and vague tweet that made no mention of or reference to where I was or who I was talking about, was located by the very people I was talking about.

That right there is scary. Good thing I didn't say anything derogatory and in all fairness the young lady was an awfully good sport about my commentary. Lesson learned people, be careful what you say online, you really have no idea who is watching.


  1. and you still dont get my aversion for broadcasting on social media eh...

  2. No no, you misunderstand me. I have always understood and respected your aversion to sharing via social media. It's just that my level of comfort in doing so is very relaxed. There are some things that I honestly don't mind sharing.

    This experience wasn't negative in the least and honestly won't have an impact on my social networking.

  3. whoa!! who woulda thunk it...what the heck are those odds