Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Big tings a gwan

Perhaps through some hitherto unforeseen cosmic alignment, the party Gods have decreed this coming weekend, a liming weekend. Trinis being what we are, typically lime every weekend but the upcoming schedule is especially ridiculous.

The debauchery begins on Friday night with the AUA meet and greet at Pizza Bar in Mabelton. I understand there's a lady's night at Mingles on Friday as well but I can't overdo it, my niglet expects to see his sperm donor sometime that night.....i.e. I will not be going to Mingles that night.

Okay, let's see now, Saturday....oh right, Stamina's birthday is coming up apparently so the usual Thrive thing on Saturday nights is now a Wear White party in Stamina's honour. The coup de gras comes after with Red Lotus' "Til drunk do us part" at the Roti Shop which is (you guessed it) FREE BEERS ALL NIGHT!!!

And you know what? That's not the end of it either. Tommy Joesph and Errol Fabien are doing a comedy show on Sunday night which I expect will be well worth your time. I saw Errol and Nikki Crosby when they had their show a couple years ago so trust me, allyuh need to go.

Here are the links for the various events, so I don't want to hear any complaints this time. Last time had some folks talking bout how I was partying too hard and not telling anybody in advance.......consider yourselves advised.

AUA Happy Hour -

Embrace Satudays -

Till Drunk Do Us Part -

Laughter - The Best Medicine -
(couldn't find an event page for this other than the facebook page)

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