Monday, August 13, 2012

Wild meat......kinda

It still surprises me as to just how much wildlife is around the place living harmoniously with people. I went to a bredren's place last Friday which had a lake out back. There was an alarmingly high number of ducks just walking about the place.......all kinds, Canadian geese, weird-colored, strange-looking mofos, etc.

What struck me as odd was that there were more geese running around than the last time I was there which means they multiplied in that time; which makes sense........except in the mind of a Trinbagonian. Putting it lightly, if I'd been living there for two years, there would be no ducks to speak of today. There probably would have been a curry-q every weekend for at least a month.

 I also saw a deer grazing on the other side of the lake, and while my buddy remarked about how beautiful a sight it was, I was going over the budget in my mind for acquiring a high powered rifle.....with a scope.

There is something about my people that makes many of us incapable of leaving wildlife alone. I should know, a manicou once met it's demise, making the mistake of coming too close to my apartment one time. The little bastard soon found itself on a plate with some white rice and a green salad.

One of the big ones looked in my direction as I was digging in my pocket, perhaps expecting me to share food or something. Little ducky didn't realize it was that close to being invited to my next curry lime as an "honoured guest."

No matter, I got my wild meat fix in later that night with some stew wild hog with provisions that another friend made.

Don't be surprised though, if you get an invite for some curry in a couple weeks time........dem damn duck days numbered, trust me.


  1. i once asked my manager's sister if she'd ever eaten and/or cooked deer (they livin up in BlueRidge - the deer does jes be chillin in their yard on a regular) and she have me the MOST HORRIFIED look ever!!


    1. Girl, I don't understand it either nah. If I was living out in the country, deer woulda be getting buss up all de time.

      I waiting for the day another manicou swings my way.