Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bye Bye will be missed :(

It's a shame but it's been ten years and I still haven't gotten used to the concept of seasons. Well okay fine, yes I'm used to the changing of the seasons, I just don't like it.

Being a trini, clearly Summer is my thing. But you see, the thing is, it goes far deeper than just familiarity. Yes I like warm weather because that's what I grew up with; the word "cold" only makes sense for me when placed in from of words like "beer." My problem with cold weather stems from the fact that it signals the end  of water-based activities (at least in Georgia) from Labour Day in September, through Memorial Day in May.

Eight months
Eight months of no pools, no waterparks, no more trips to the lake, no beach access and you can pretty much forget Tybee Island, barbecue season is now over........seriously, what is a stranded islander to do? Well you make the best of it, is what you do. Florida keeps it real, you know damn well Miami's beaches stay open year round, but it's just a crying shame that for 8 months of the year, your nearest open beach is either a plane ride or a 10 hour drive away.

But it's not all bad I suppose; I do look forward to the Fall for one reason in particular, the Fall colours. If you haven't already, take the time in mid-October to drive up to the mountains somewhere, when it looks like the mountains are absolutely ablaze in gold, orange, yellows and bright reds as the trees prepare for Winter.

Shit to do
If you live in Georgia, I'd suggest driving up to Ashville in North Carolina, take a ride on the Blue Ridge Scenic Highway. Needing something closer to home, October is a great month to hit Helen in the north Georgia Mountains for Octoberfest or drive through the rolling hills in North Georgia's Wine Country out past Dahlonega. I hear the riverboat tour out in Chattanooga, Tennessee is another great one for seeing the Fall colours.

It's not an ideal compromise for a river lime jumbie like myself but there's no use in complaining, Winter is coming and it's coming hard, I'll just have to deal with it.

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