Monday, December 10, 2012

Something in the water?

I took a look at my Christmas shopping list the other day and noticed something, it's pretty much all children. Is it just me or is everybody pregnant? I'm starting to feel like the powers that be are slipping more than just fluoride into our drinking know what, I'd rather not think about it.....oh geed.

I'm thinking it's an age thing though because I have the same mindset. Maybe I've been drinking the "chupid water" too but at 30 with one child, I'm about ready for some small goal, five a side, if you catch my meaning. I want all them badboys hatched and through college by the time I'm fifty. Do the math, clearly I'm running out of to find me a victim.

Well at any rate, the point is, I hope all you baby factories realize that your Christmas present days are over (with one or two notable exceptions). Don't think both you and all your little niglets are getting something; welcome to "AnnualChristmasCardville," I know you'll like it here.

Merry Christmas everybody.