Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Well well well

People aren't into resolutions anymore.

That's the sentiment I seem to get  from most folks I ask. Many scoff at the idea entirely "what's the point of a resolution if you're just gonna break it?" or the increasingly popular rebuff "I don't wait for the New Year to do resolutions, I make changes right then and there............." 

Well my bad people, New Years resolutions work for me.

This wasn't always the case though, I used to be just like everyone else, I'd start the year hot and heavy but fizzle by February. Last year it finally clicked and I managed to actually follow a resolution out the entire year. So what's it take? Honestly rather than throw out a list of ten unrealistic things you plan to accomplish, just pick one, at most two. Of course at this rate it'll be a decade before I become that "better person" but I think it's man's nature to constantly evolve over time anyway. 

For 2012, establishing a regular workout routine was my goal. I'd venture to say I succeeded; I managed an average of two to three workouts per week, the entire year (give or take a week or two). So what's next? I definitely need to figure out this dieting thing because while consistently working out is fine, I'll never see any permanent changes unless I address my wildly ridiculous eating habits........corn beef and ramen noodles anyone?

For 2013 I have a few goals in mind rather:

1) Establish balanced eating habits - this is a no-brainer; simply put, I still intend to eat what I want, (because seriously, fuck diets), but rather than skipping breakfast/lunch then eating a large dinner as I normally do, I need to ensure 3 square meals a day plus health conscious snacks in between meals (fruit, yogurt, etc) 

2) Cook (period) - my closest of friends know me for being somewhat handy in the kitchen. But a little secret just between you and me? Apart from cooking for friends' limes and gatherings, I haven't cooked seriously in maybe 2 years. I've been existing on the classic bachelors diet, the aforementioned ramen and cheese with corn beef, the daily scrambled eggs, or tuna/sardine/chicken salad sandwiches, hot dogs and chinese food (big up Great China restaurant in Lilburn). 

But I really miss my own pelau or the boss (in my opinion anyway) macaroni pie I used to make. I swear I'm getting back to that this year.

3) Stabilize finances - I have two reputations, I'm always late and the other being that I'm almost always BROKE; that needs to change this year. I've begun to experiment with sensible spending habits and practices and will hopefully also be able to finally start saving this year.....we'll see. 

4) Do me - for far too long I've denied myself my own personal enjoyment for the sake of helping out others. I have a reputation for being the one to call on when help is needed. In short, I'm a "yes man." Get used to hearing the term "fyah bun" folks, you'll be hearing it often. 

I'm definitely going to get out more often, meet new people, and try a varying assortment of activities that go beyond party party party lime lime lime.

2013 should be a great one peeps, I wish you all wealth and prosperity and success in all your endeavours; see ya'll on the flipside......bless. 

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  1. Breakfast like a king
    lunch like a pauper
    Dinner like a beggar

    Slow cooker overnight???