Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ah done.....I just can't

If someone had told me that there was some elaborate plot to motivate more people to come home for Carnival 2014, I'd be inclined to agree. I couldn't think of any other logical reason for the way we foreign-based trinis were treated this year. In case you didn't guess, yes, I am in fact talking about the shitty less than desirable streaming experience we had for Soca Monarch Finals.

Is it really that difficult to maintain reliable servers? All that ex-Caroni sugar cane land lying around, why haven't we built a dozen server farms by now? Trinis are among the more technologically capable among modern society so it would make sense that quite a few would be clamoring for access, especially now that it's free.

"Free" as in one can quite possibly expect double the viewership of previous years......."free" as in why didn't they triple the server capacity/bandwidth just in case?

But as to my theory on "motivating" people to come home for Carnival, it's simple, screw up the live stream badly enough and folks won't even bother with it next year. I know I won't, instead, I'll be taking my behind home to see the shit first hand.

With online streaming available for at least 4 years now, I can't think of any single year in which problems didn't arise but in all honesty, 2013 saw the worst. Shouldn't a service be improving over time? Why is it getting worse? 

Then to add insult to injury the National Carnival Bands Association came out and flatly declared that no streaming of Carnival Monday and Tuesday mass would be permitted under any circumstances........huh? Who is this supposed to benefit?


I can think of quite a few people watching live over the internet right this minute. If you need a link to a stream, get with me, I'll message you.

As we learned from the Soca Monarch fiasco last week, when it comes to Trinbagonians and their Carnival, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, etc, are the devil. Websites came crashing down faster than the links were going up on people's Facebook pages so this time, I'm not going to mass post the link.

Mess with my Carnival today and I'm strangling folk, I swear to God.


  1. Believe me, you weren't missing much as far as Carnival on the road is concerned.

  2. True, but for those of us living abroad, sitting in the cold, just being able to see and be a part of what's going on is almost therapeutic.

    I personally enjoy watching my people have a good time, and it also brings on a sense of nostalgia from the times when I used to be having a good time myself. I haven't been home for Carnival in eleven years and sadly this little view is all I have.