Thursday, February 14, 2013


I've begun to do a lot of traveling lately, mostly in and around Atlanta. In all honesty, I figured eleven years was a long time to live somewhere to not have seen all a region had to offer.

The State of Georgia in particular boasts a wealth of intrigue that can appeal to interests ranging from natural history, to civil rights, the Antebellum era and the American Civil War. Even if you weren't into history like I am, Georgia can lay claim to everything from theme parks to imax theaters, the world's largest aquarium and shopping malls, most of which are in and around or within a few hours drive of downtown Atlanta.

But, my preference has always been to stay off the beaten path, and to go looking for things that don't appeal to the average Joe.

Case in point, the Bruce Weiner MicroCar Museum (which, by the time you read this, would have already ceased to exist). 
I had seen this place featured once on an episode of Georgia Traveler (handy if you're looking for sightseeing ideas) but hadn't given serious thought to actually visiting till a friend informed me of it's impending demise. The short story is, the millionaire, playboy owner of this private collection had grown bored of his remarkable assemblage of micro cars. On the 15th and 16th of February, 2013, every single piece of this 200+ collection of meticulously maintained mini vehicles, will be put up for auction.

Any aspirations you may have had of purchasing the entire collection and recreating it elsewhere is pretty much a waste as the owner has forbidden it's sale as a whole, individual sales only. Rumour has it  that Mr. Weiner is going to start a collection of antique Volkswagens instead........pity.

In the coming days/weeks, I'll tell the story of my Micro Car museum trip as well as some other trips I've done already this year, Rock Eagle Effigy and Madison, Georgia just to name a few. I don't intend to stay put this year, thirty has already sneaked up on me and I don't intend for age forty to catch me napping.

So time, money, weather and (potential) smallie permitting, I'll be out there not just seeing and doing, but experiencing finally.

Stay tuned.


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