Thursday, May 9, 2013

PARTY SCHEDULE - Atlanta Carnival 2013

I know what you're thinking, it's Atlanta Carnival time again and you have no idea what to do or where to go. I know how you feel; with Atlanta Carnival almost tripling in popularity over the past few years, the number of different parties and events can make it difficult to decide what to do. So as I did last year, I will attempt to compile a listing of events by day. What's different this year is that most of the major parties have online options for purchasing tickets, which is very convenient.

Now I will warn you, to truly get the most out of this experience, you'd probably want to hit all the major events back to back. This means little to no sleep for roughly 3 days; now would be the time to purchase that case of Red Bull you've been eyeing. As a point to note, to be fair, I'll list as many events as I can for each night but I'll be putting an asterisk (*) on the ones I plan on attending.

So without further delay:
                                                     Atlanta Carnival Schedule
                                                        Memorial Day Weekend
                                                      May 23rd  - May 27th 2013

Saturday 18th, May 2013

Cooler Fete*
Jolie Event Center
5240 Panola Industrial Boulevard
Decatur, GA 30058
$20 in advance
$25 by the door
Purchase tickets: International Roti House, Georgetown Foodmarket, Thomas Bakery
Synopsis: don't miss this shit.....period, oh and find a designated driver from now.

Thursday 23rd, May 2013

Flag Party
Harlem Nights Ultra Lounge
201 Courtland Street
Atlanta, GA
Cost: everybody free with a flag before midnight
Synopsis: this used to be the traditional kick off party for Atlanta Carnival but it's become a bit of a small island jam as of late. I have nothing against the VI crew but there is only so much junkano music a trini can endure in one night.

Anti-Stush* - Bunji Garlin
Karibbean Konnection
2620 Park Central Boulevard
Decatur GA
$35 Advance Tickets (or $45 as part of Anti-Stush/ I AM SOCA combo package)
Purchase tickets online:
Synopsis: Free Beers.....Bunji dun.

Club Pisces (formerly Aquarium)
5471 Memorial Drive
Stone Mountain, GA 30083
$20 Advance tickets
Purchase Tickets:
Synopsis: Destra had a great Carnival 2013 but she's going up against Bunji Garlin the same night which might make this party a tough sell. I will say though that the fete is free rum, vodka and beer while Bunji is free beers only. At this point are you a bigger Destra fan or a Bunji Garlin fan? Sorry Destra, I'm going Bunji.

Club Elegance
5499 Memorial Drive
Stone Mountain, GA 30083
$10......ladies free before midnight
Purchase Tickets: I have no clue
Synopsis: lol....if I had to guess, this would probably get crushed under Bunji, Destra and Flag Party all on the same night.

Friday 24th, May 2013

GBM Showcase* - KES, Suppa Jigga TC, Shall Marshal, Nuttron, Ravi B
Golden Glide Roller Rink
2750 Wesley Chapel Road
Decatur, GA 30034
$20 in advance
Purchase tickets online:
Synopsis: how much more convincing do you need? It's Kes, Shal, Ravi B and TC, don't be ridiculous.

(Iwer George, Cassie, Lyrical, Pumpa (VI) and a surprise guest)
Museum Bar
181 Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard
Atlanta GA
$25 in advance
Purchase tickets online:
Synopsis: I'm a bit torn here, it's a tough choice to make for any soca fan and at the end it boils down to whether you're a bigger Iwer George fan or a KES fan. In this instance I'll probably end up going the KES instead which sadly is the same night.

Atlanta Carnival J'Ouvert
(Patrice Roberts, JW&Blaze, Black Chiney, etc)
The Atrium
5479 Memorial Drive
Stone Mountain, GA
$25 in advance - (Mangos Restaurant, Four Seasons, International Roti House, Tassa, Thomas Bakery, Jamaican Jerk)
Synopsis: don't let the name fool you, it has nothing to do with traditional j'ouvert, it's just the name of the party. It's a popular event but mainly for jamaicans and small-islanders. Trinis would want to stick with either Iwer or KES.

1st Annual Official Atlanta Carnival JOUVERT
Herndon Stadium - Morris Brown College
643 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive
Atlanta, GA
$10 in advance
Purchase tickets: I have no clue, flyer didn't say
Synopsis: this fete is supposed to be the Atlanta Carnival Band Leaders Association's first honest attempt at a bonifide jouvert; rumour has it there should be mud, oil, paint, etc etc for Jouvert aficionados. Considering that the KES fete and the Iwer George fete are the same night, this may not be a safe bet. When you consider that the well established, pseudo Jouvert fete at the Atrium is also the same night, this seems less and less enticing.

Fantastic Friday - Coffee Boys
Jolie Event Center
5240 Panola Industrial Boulevard
Decatur, GA 30058
$20 in advance
Purchase tickets: International Roti House, D' Roti Shop
Synopsis: I heard my aunt talking about this one and as far as I can tell it's a party for the older heads in the Caribbean community particularly those from Coffee Street, San Fernando and environs.

Saturday 25th, May 2013

Atlanta Carnival Parade

Kooler Fete*
Karibbean Konnection
2620 Park Central Boulevard
Decatur GA
$20 earlybird tickets, more at the door
Purchase tickets: Thomas Bakery, Sugar Island Jerk, International Roti House, Tassa Roti Shop, Marlies Food Kitchen, Karibbean Konnection
Synopsis: There really isn't too much to be said here, you need to be in this fete. Blaxx has had a fantastic Carnival season this year and the past few years of performances have been nothing short of BESS. Buy the ticket, be there, stop asking me dotish questions.

DJ PRIVATE RYAN, Juggla Experience, John Wayne Movement
Thrive Lounge
101 Marietta Street
Atlanta, GA
Ladies free before midnight, gentlemen $10 before midnight (once you're on the list)
$5 parking all night
Get your name on the list:
Synopsis: I missed Private Ryan when he came to Atlanta a month or two back. I won't make that mistake twice. One of the most popular djs out of T&T, make the effort to attend this if you can. Embrace normally lets out around 2:30 am anyways so you'll still have plenty time left to get to Blaxx or wherever else you're going that night.

Fan De Fire
Burning Flames
Omega International House
3951 Snapfinger Road
Lithonia, GA 30038
Purchase tickets: not sure actually
Synopsis: Okay, first of all, I thought Burning Flames had changed their name? Aren't they the Revolution Band or something now? Secondly, though Burning Flames is popular throughout the Caribbean, I expect this to be a small island jam, conduct yourselves accordingly.

SOCA Vengeance
Jolie Event Center
5240 Panola Industrial Boulevard
Decatur, GA 30058
$25 in Advance
Purchase tickets: Thomas Bakery
Synopsis: The flyer says ""The Biggest Small Island Carnival Party."..........erm, that's a no for me.

Sunday 26th, May 2013

Sunday Morning - breakfast fete
2605 Park Central Blvd
Decatur, GA
$20 in Advance
Purchase tickets:
Synopsis: this breakfast fete first began last year but quickly established itself as the definitive fete to hit on Sunday morning after the previous day's festivities. Honestly I'm not sure if I'll have the energy to do this after the previous night's cooler fete but we'll see. Definitely hit this party if you can.

Atlanta Caribbean Unity Festival* 
(Kerwin Dubois, Rupee, Demarco)
Wade Walker Park (Sunday afternoon)
5585 Rockbridge Road
Stone Mountain, GA 30088
$20 Adults
$10 Children
Purchase tickets online
Synopsis: Sounds like this is going to be a fun little event you could take the family out to (assuming your drunk behind survived the Sunday Morning Breakfast Fete).

Family Funday
Bransby YMCA
1185 Rock Chapel Road
Lithonia GA, 30058
Synopsis: I think this is the annual VI Carnival picnic which I hear is usually good if you're into the small island thing.

VI Allstars
Cala Bar and Grill
4144 Redan Road
Stone Mountain, GA 30083
$10 before midnight
Synopsis: This will probably be popular with the VI crew but I'd stick to either Wear White or Machel to be on the safe side.

Peach Fusion*
MACHEL MONTANO HD, Farmer Nappy, Mr. Vegas
Lavaman, Tallpree, Edwin Yearwood, Pumpa, Burning Flames
The Atlanta Peach Ballroom
3365 Buford Highway
Atlanta, GA 30329
Cost: $45 in advance
Purchase tickets online:
Synopsis: Tradition would dictate that folks attend the Wear White party on Sunday night to end the carnival but one would have to be silly to ignore this fete. I'm still a bit torn but I'll probably end up here.

Wear White
Golden Glide Roller Rink
2750 Wesley Chapel Road
Decatur, GA 30034
$25 in advance
Purchase tickets online:
Synopsis: hands down, this is usually the go to party for Sunday night at Atlanta Carnival but apparently the Machel fete is the same night this year......decisions decisions.

As you can probably tell, the fete schedule for this year is pretty packed and this is just a fraction of the events that will be taking place on each of these nights. I just tried to focus on the options that would likely be most popular. I am definitely missing details for a couple items but as for now, this should be nearly enough info to help you guys make informed decisions on what to do and where to party come this Memorial Weekend.



  1. Great info..too bad I have to work all weekend for first time in years...oh well next year.

  2. wow please post this next year and I REPEAT lol please post this next year! oh and by the way do you ever go to Guyana Day? i believe its like the day after carnival! its a big thing i hear.. and good music and good food!

    by the way thanks for posting this! this is cool.

    1. Hey, I appreciate the support, I definitely will be attempting to do a guide every year as long as I'm able. I first started doing them on a whim last year for Atlanta Carnival and folks asked me to do it again. I'll keep doing one at least till a much better guide comes along.

      As for Guyana Day, I've never heard about it. I know there's always a big VI picnic the day after Carnival but the Guyanese event I have no clue.

      Me being trini though, some of the other island events barely ever show up on my radar when I'm doing research but going forward, feel free to send me any info I've missed, I'll be sure to include on subsequent Carnival guides.