Monday, May 20, 2013


I've struggled for 15 minutes to put into words, something that could effectively convey my excitement at the moment. Believe me when I say that if you missed last weekend's cooler fete, you missed out on what can best be described as "legendary."

This annual party (known simply as Cooler Fete) has for years, been the quintessential kick-off party for Atlanta Carnival, but it had always had a torrid history. This party has been shut down so often that many in the community started to believe Dekalb County PD had a Cooler Fete Task Force whose sworn purpose was to locate it every year and shut it down.

I am happy to report that this didn't happen this year. Mr. Po Po, saw it fit to allow us raucous Caribbean folk to party till sun up......and party we did. Fete regulars, so used to being forced home by 3 a.m. suddenly found themselves with 3 extra hours to drink.

Special shout outs to Mr. Lewis with the Hunch Punch, Anto with the curry rabbit, Mr. and Mrs. Mo for making my night, Stax, Krista, Rae, Ehi and the whole posse, the various remnants of Scandalous Crew, The Winer Boy Crew, DJ Stephen and fam, a party is not a party without allyuh.....BIG UP!!

Allyuh will be hearing this for a while so just get used to it............BEST COOLER FETE EVAAAAR!!


  1. Ok so now I want to lime with you for de carnival LOL

  2. smh its sad i missed it.. BUTT you are the partying CHAMPION. we have the same partying taste, it seems so! thats so cool.