Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Event Highlight - Caribbean Unity Festival

Atlanta Carnival has been getting a lot of attention lately which is exciting considering what the festival used to be not long ago. A joke of a celebration just a few years back, the Atlanta Caribbean community managed to finally pull together and create a collective experience we could all be proud of. 

In it's 25 year history, Atlanta Carnival saw it's darkest days during the early to mid 2000's, a time that most would rather not speak of. But to ignore our past is to invite ourselves to repeat those mistakes in the future. Among other factors, it was our failure to work together that led to our downfall, trinis fighting among ourselves, expatriates vs us-born, island vs island eventually created disharmony and discord and the festival suffered. 

We've finally got it right it seems, we're working together and thus unity and harmony has brought us prosperity. This year marks the 25th year of Atlanta Carnival but it also marks the first year of the Atlanta Caribbean Unity Festival. I believe this celebration of Caribbean unity will come to symbolize the struggle to make the Carnival what it is today and a fitting reminder of what disharmony brings. 

As a celebration of both our common heritage and our inherent diversity as a region, I hope you'll all come out to experience acts from many caribbean nations. This isn't a trini party, nor is it a jamaican party or even a V.I. celebration, this is an all-island celebration. Come out to see Rupee, Demarco, Kerwin Dubois, Cool Sessions Brass Band (VI) and Rebel Band (Haiti) not to mention the cool rhythms of steel pan. 

This is a family event so bring the youngsters, bring your friends, let's come out and experience what true Caribbean unity means.....don't forget to come with your flags, come with your t-shirts, represent where you're from, wear your culture proudly on your chests.

Caribbean Unity Festival
Wade Walker Park
5585 Rockbridge Road
Stone Mountain, GA 30088

1:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
doors open at 12:00
$20   adults
 $10 children

See allyuh there


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