Monday, May 6, 2013

Roughing It

I remember the feeling vividly; that sense you get when pulling into a patch of dirt for the first time knowing full well that this would be home for a day or two. I did it all the time as a scout growing up. We live such pampered lives nowadays, central heating, prepackaged manufactured foods, and anything we couldn't make ourselves could easily be purchased.

But I suppose some vestigial senses still remain from when man lived a more feral, nomadic lifestyle, living off the earth. I'd venture that these innate senses, instinct if you will, are probably the reason why so many still hunt, fish, camp or go hiking. Regardless of how technologically advanced we become, some part of us will always want to return to those days when man didn't hunt for leisure, but because life depended on it.

Campsite No. 5, Lake Juliette at Dames Ferry
Juliette, GA
But seriously though, aside from all the "getting back to nature" rhetoric, who wouldn't want to wake up to this? What you're looking at is Lake Juliette, near Macon, GA. What you're not seeing in this pic, is the ten young, fun-loving individuals totally not giving a shit.

(and no, ten of us didn't sleep in these two tents, we had two campsites side-by-side with five tents altogether)

I used to think I knew what relaxation meant. I used to think it came in the form of a Playstation controller, a couch and a six pack. Far from it, true relaxation comes with a fishing pole, a cup of worms and a CASE (2 or 3 really) of beer.

And this is basically how the weekend went from start to finish: wake in the morning, start the grill, stick a worm on a hook and crack open a beer. And if that doesn't sound like fun, just try to deny the allure of sitting around a roaring campfire making smores.

Don't let me fool you though, this business isn't all fun and games, especially being so near to a large body of water, you could imagine the mosquitoes were out of control. They weren't much of a problem as I think we all came prepared (as long as you don't mind smelling like OFF all day). But mosquitoes though annoying, would likely be the least worry, with spiders, ticks, flies and ants running around and trust me, the first time you roll on a pine cone under your tent at night...........O_O

I'm glad to have been introduced to this group of folks as they seem to go camping often. It's my intent to go every chance I get it, I'm already hooked. Now if I could just find some people to take me hunting.


What bills?

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