Monday, February 3, 2014

Ice Fiasco

I'm not going to do an in depth analysis of Atlanta's Snowpocalypse, that's been done to death already.

I am however going to point out how this whole circumstance would have been avoided had this State been run by Trinidadians. Prior to Tuesday's events, word started going out from as early as Sunday, that snow "might" be in the forecast that Tuesday. By the following morning, the word "might" disappeared entirely and it suddenly became "it's snowing tomorrow......seriously."

At that point, the sensible trinbagonian would have said "dat sounding like trouble, me eh going to work."

Little Miss Slave Driver Boss Lady person's response however was "forget the snow, come to work.....I'm from Jersey, 2 inches ain't shit." And this scenario repeated itself throughout the city, schools, businesses, government offices all ignoring the warnings. True to form, Tuesday afternoon promptly at 12 pm (right when the weatherman said it would) it begins to snow and all hell breaks loose. 

I was fortunate in that east and northeast Atlanta were the last areas to get hit so I was able to get home before the worst of it hit Gwinnett County. My commute thus was only two hours vs the 8, 12, 15 and 25 hour commutes endured by some of my less fortunate co-workers. 

Why were were all at work exactly? 

I suppose we could feel vindicated in a ways, as Ms. Slave Driver Boss Lady, the same one talking the "I'm from New Jersey" talk, somehow managed to be the only co-worker to crash her car that day; karma at it's best....she's okay by the way (in case you were wondering).   

Coming from the land where a little rain and "oh the labasse on fire" is ample reason to skip work, had Kamla been running the show here, Atlanta would have been a ghost town Tuesday. Traffic gridlock? Walmart the day before. Schools would have been shut down pre-emptively for at least a week and there would not have been a single train or bus running anytime that day. 

We can learn something from all this, first off........this is the south, we cannot handle snow here, not even a little. Our drivers are not conditioned for this, our state and county budgets do not include ample funding to handle it. Northerners always speak of their cold weather driving experience; that experience doesn't count for much on southern roads with southern drivers.

So the next time there's snow on the forecast, tell the boss to go somewhere an scratch, politely excuse yourselves from work/school, and keep your behinds safely at home.



  1. Ha Ha, "go somewhere and scratch" The not so funny part in all of this is I know of a similar incident during the snow/ice days where somebody who used to live up north put 'their' foot in their mouth and ran off of the road just after not heeding that he should slow down because he, or rather 'they' used to driving in snow. Crazy thing is this is a Trini.

    1. Lord, you see that's the problem with people that have lived up North, they're always "used to driving in snow." But what we have here in Atlanta is ice, and lots of it, something that even the northerners know little about driving on.