Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The True Meaning of Support

A damn shame
I'm disturbed a bit by the images appearing of Brazilian fans angrily burning their own national flag. It is times like these I think folks can learn a thing or two from Trinbagonians.

It matters little what manner of misfortune is besetting our little nation; one may burn tyres, one may block roads, one even puts the lotion on its skin; but one does not harm the RED, WHITE and BLACK.

Had it been the Soca Warriors eating seven of Germany's finest, without question, Trinbagonians would have been in the streets feting and partying HARD, heads held high, flags waving proudly. At least we were there, and that's good enough.

I've heard it said that as a people, we revel in parda, we revel in US.  I think no people on earth love themselves more than trinis do, no people on earth "bad-talk" their own more than WE do but without a doubt, no people on earth can match our support. Our support in essence matches and exceeds our own self ridicule.

So take comfort people of Brazil, if you love the Samba Warriors even half as much as we do our Warriors, half as much as we love West Indies cricket, you'd honour your team today; stop this nonsense.

Anyways, onto the quarterfinals, I fear even more drama and heartbreak tomorrow.

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